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Robin cares about Roseville and the issues affecting all residents.


Years ago, Roseville had the vision to make sure Parks were a part of our community.  This gift makes our community healthier, adds value to property, and most of all brings joy.  I want to keep our green spaces available to all residents so we can gather together, walk the trails and enjoy nature.  We also have wonderful programs and I want to make sure the Parks and Recreation Department continues these programs while also being responsive to the changing interests of the community.

Keeping us safe:

Public safety is another priority for me and the people in Roseville.  Residents expect the city to fund police and fire departments that are responsive and well-trained.  We must remember that our police and fire fighters not only deal with emergencies but do community outreach and prevention.  New ways of serving the community such as the Community Action Team (CAT); which is made up of police offices, social workers, housing and metal health coordinators, are an integral part of connecting with our whole community and solving long-term issues.  The Roseville residents consistently rank our police and fire departments highly and I will make sure to continue supporting them.

Managing budgets effectively:

For five years, I chaired the Roseville Finance Commission, advising city leaders about how to balance the needs of the people with the financial resources available to support them. We must keep investing in the community, and at the same time, we must keep taxes reasonable. In additional to funding city operations, we will focus on roads, parks, walkways and clean water. Ongoing investments in infrastructure are essential – not just when things break.

Keeping roofs over our heads:

My vision is to keep our neighborhoods strong by having housing options for all – from families just starting out, all the way to retirement.  We must ensure Roseville is a healthy, livable community that has the right mix of homes for across all ages and economic levels.  I will make sure Roseville continues to invest while taking into consideration what people can afford.

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